Kettlercise packages

As of September I will be only doing kettlercise on Thursday and possibly Tuesday at the health hub. There will be no Kettlercise class on Monday. So what I am proposing to do is make the class as part of the JillyBfitness package on Monday at the same time. I will confirm the venue but will be somewhere local like All saints church. The JillyB packages goes like this: You pay by standing order (no cash sorry) at the beginning of each month: £20 a month means you can attend one class a week – so saving you £7 a month £30 a month means you can attend any two classes a week – which works out as £3.33 a class £40 a month means you can attend all classes – which also works out as £3.33 a class So the classes are kettlercise on Monday at 9.30am venue tbc – to commence Monday 9th sept Wednesday BOOTCAMP at 7.30pm outside sportspace (all saints if weather v bad) Saturday at 9am venue outside sportspace I might also to be able to do a kettlercise class on a Friday lunch time as part of the above package. Can you let me know your interest on that and what time is best. The health hub are wondering whether to do kettlercise on Tuesday instead of abs class. So if you want this then can you let me know so I can feedback. If you want to do the JillyB package please can you let me know and I can send you my standing order details. It can only be set up for the beginning of the month so if you want to do start in sept you need to set it up by the end of this month. Thank you