Anna Coleridge

 I’ve been going to Jilly’s classes now for over 6 years and it never gets boring. She’s always adding new workouts from Pilates and kettle bells to her most recent metafit classes which are great. She changes things up all the time and never makes it easy, but keeps pushing you. What’s also so great, is that she manages to create a really personalised group class; so it’s brilliant value. I’ve also made loads of lovely friends, who I look forward to seeing every week!

Jessica Long: most successful client of 2016

“I started with Jilly looking for a personal trainer, but I got much more than that. Jilly is on hand with motivation and nutritional guidance long after you have left her session. Unlike other trainers I’ve spoken with Jilly listens to what you want and helps you to obtain your goals, with her help I have gone from a size 12/14 and an unhappy 13 stone to a size 8/10 and a healthy 10 stone. We are now working together to achieve some new targets.”
Jessica Long, aged 32.

Nicki Di Giuseppe aged 39

“I’ve wanted to return to my pre-pregnancy weight for ages, but have never had the motivation or will-power to do it on my own. I have always hated exercise and been useless at dieting in the past. However, after training with Jill for 5 months I have lost nearly 2 stone, 8 cms of my waist and feel fitter than I have done for years. She has given me great diet advice as well as devising training sessions to work on all areas of my fitness. I have found Jill’s friendly approach to our training sessions very motivating and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Steven Mansbridge aged 45

“After many years of being overweight I decided to look for a personal trainer who would not judge me or make me feel self-conscious – after looking on the web I saw there were lots of trainers and it was very difficult to decide, But I decided to go for someone who worked from home or would be willing for me to visit my home and found Jillybfitness based in Berkhamsted willing to do all of the above. After we met for a consultation I was pleased to find out that Jilly would also help me with my diet .

If anyone was to say to me 3 months ago that I would still be going to a trainer I would of probably of laughed: for me who was over 24 stone it’s not something you look forward to-  exercising in public and making a fool of myself. I have with Jilly’s help now lost nearly 7 stone in 2 years and am not only meeting Jilly once a week I also go the gym once a week and strangely enjoy going/doing all that exercise, I’m eating better with the support and help from Jilly.

I would highly recommend Jilly but most of all I would like to thank Jilly for  pushing me further than I would of ever done just doing it on my own, and would of given up by now. I thought I would never do in a million years the exercises she makes  me do every week and every session is different so you never get to a stage when you think NOT THAT AGAIN as it differs from week to week. Sometimes we meet at her home and sometimes at the gym. THANK YOU JILLY”

Zoe Marshall, aged 29

“In just nine months, I’ve lost over 2 and a half stone and am fitter than I have ever been in my life! Thanks Jilly”

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